Holy segregationist crap.

First, from the Wake: some non-entity narrator may or may not be exclaiming disconsolate surprise at seeing someone.

In the name of Anem this carl on the kopje in pelted thongs a parth a lone who the joebiggar be he? (15:29-30)

A story just came over the Erie news. It talked about a bill that was about to be voted on that would (and they made no mention of th'word "finally") allow students to go to the schools closest to their homes, as opposed to the current system, which places students in the nearest school with according to their race. Che'? Like, I mean, the story was so nonchalant that I thought I missed a detail, but they reported on it again in the next half-hour, and I'm pretty sure I heard right. The 1960s skipped over Erie County, PA, for the most part. Who knew?

I can't find an online reportage of the story.

In other news, the iPhone came out today. Lots of people who forgot that new cutting-edge technology is riddled with software problems flocked. So it goes.

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