The Question of the Door that Locks Behind You

That's the Greek for "Know Yerself".
Click the pic cuz you probably can't read the text as-is.

I decided I need to do comics, talent be damned. Hopefully the burning HATE I feel towards drawing sequential art can also be damned, otherwise this'll be a short-lived thingydo. The Question of the Door that Locks Behind You (QDLBY has a nice sound to it, duddin'it?) will hopefully end up being a cool little comics experiment when it's all done, sometime in the recent or remote future.

I'm posting it here for lack of a better place to do it. I guess I can make a Googlepage sometime soon, but the Blogger layout suits me just fine for a website.

Anyways, here's the real question: anyone know a simple way to draw on a laptop without spending a ton of money for hardware implements? And also without resorting to copyrighted sprites? With the move to Japan everloomful, and me without a scanner, I have to come up with a digital way of producing these things right quick.

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