You'll think this isn't good because you have better Internet things ta do, but it's good. So keep reading, chainsaw. PLUS: th'death of Superman.

AND (and I mean this, though it's more of the same):

These are the Adult Swim of comic strips. If you think Adult Swim is a corporate whore, then it's these are th'actual-intelligent-n-not-sellout Adult Swim comic strips.
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And: Superman oughtuuve been killed by Lex, not Doomsday. It insults Homo sapiens's patternmaking abilities, since, in all respectable mythologies (save the regrettable Beowulf), the hero is bested by an usurper or exploiter of the mindETstrength, not teh strength alone. (Which assumes the mind is asgreat or greater than the body, which, inherently, on the basis of entertainmentology, thereby offering no philosophical argument over which is the superior--mind or body--is in line with Homo evolutionary genealogy, since our brains have been increasing potentially/exponentially and our muscles have been, insofar as th'rest of nature is concerned--like whales and cats--decreasing, therefore qualifying the mind-over-body mythology as the superior storyarc in human popular philosophy.) (But, assuming the Death of Superman writers were going after the Beowulfesque plot, th'above would've been acceptable--but they didn't let on that's what they were doing in any literary way---OR DID THeI?---but no obvious hints were given, which would normally be fine, 'cept that we're talking early-90s-mainstream-superhero comics here, and let's not kid our damnselves, they were pretty "Days of Our Lives" low-bar, 'far azzat goes, yaknowhatImsayin?--. Lex has been working his whole career to kill Superman--since the 30s--cuz he knows in his heart (so Morrison and Millar tell me, and I trust them) that human beings can be superior to alien invaders, because they'z human and have incredible capacity for problem solving, no matter the catastrophe--and to have his victory taken away by some bloke what erupted from the ground one Monday afternoon would, despite it's popular validity, be an historical insult to the reader, who, upon ploticular reconciliation, would realize Superman was bested by a guy what was strong as he and whacked him to death, and not by any actual devious trick of artisticular cleverity.

Punching thm'selves to death. I mean c'mon. That's what movies were made for, wasn't it? Wanton image-associations force-fed to the viewer at >59fps? Comics allow for a greater depth of character development, of the reader's personal reader's mental association--of effing literary competence--that one 'as to figgur out on his/her own time, as opposed to cinemagraphics, which feed you the image in a certain ratio per second (asitwere). Lex ought to've killed Supes for no other reason than (the fact that) there's a writer out there, in the past, present, or future, what's clever enough to construct a plot for the death of Superman sans that punching, that compliments the readers' intelligentsia, and leads to the death of the übermench hero. Superman: Red Son is a great example. Mark Millar, when he's not yoking under Marvel, can perform some great artistic stunts. Alan Moore, I would fanboyishly-but-not-irrationally argue, could also've done th' deed. MAYBE (and dammit, maybe) Frank Miller could've done it. I bet Grant could've, too. Y Kevin Huizenga, but he duddint seem t'be into superhero comics, so he might not want't. But man, he'd be good. Not with plot, but with mood, atmosphere, feel.

Anyways. [/ForrestGumpEndtag]

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