I haven't had a chance to do as much blogging as I would've liked, but here's a quick story to keep this thing afloat:

If someone would've asked me the least likely (while not being ridiculous) but most ironic thing I could think of to happen to me while in Moriya, I would've said, "Probably running into a dwarf, man."

A few days ago I was finishing class and a big, big, fucking big guy walks through the door, four times the size of my then-present student. He was Irish/Scottish white, and looked like a blacksmith, and was grizzly, and had a brilliant red beard. He asked me to sell him a book. I did. He gave me his name and phone number. And then he left. And he was a dwarf, nevermind how big he was: I'm in Japan, after all; everything looks bigger compared to normal folk.

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