Typhoon KICK

My reasons for wanting to learn Japanese change almost daily. Presently I'd like to learn it so I can understand if the guy on the loudspeaker at the train station is saying, "Yes, Jason, the trains have quit running. You're buggered."

Not as much rain as I thought there'd be. No thunder at all. Or trains. But a damn ton of wind.

A few things, while I'm leeching the train station's wireless (IN THE RAIN WITH A LAPTOP DAMMIT I'M DESPERATE FOR CONVERSATION):

Miracleman, Alan Moore's first major success story with superheroes, is everything I thought it'd be. It's like a rough Watchmen, in that it's taking a superhero and putting him in the context of the real world. It's a pretty grizzly series, but obviously born a lot earlier in Moore's career.

I read Flex Mentallo last week, by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. It's such a good, intelligent critique of the modern superhero that I'm reluctant to recommend it to anyone but the most intelligent comics fan or history buff. Not to downplay Moore, but the satirical/political commentary in Flex makes the same in Watchmen look like a Hallmark Channel made-4-TV movie.

Aaaaand the few folk who were here are filtering out. And the rain is moving in 4D. Crap. See ya tomorrow.

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