Yo-Yo Ma

Good God this guy's great. Why have I been wasting my life?

So a few things.
1) Tia, thanks for reading :)
2) I finished Battlestar season 3 this morning. My reaction was not sedentary. I need any American friends to tell me when the season 4 DVD set comes out, and buy me that for Christmas or birthday.
4) I've learned how to cook exactly two things while in Japan: spicy eggs and spicy pasta sauce, which I made every day for breakfst and dinner, respectively. I'm currently regular as the sun.
5) I wanted to mince garlic for the sauce last night, but previous attempts to mince with a knife proved stupid. So, me being the only eater of the sauce, I decided to mince the garlic with my teeth, and spit it into the simmering sauce. LET ME TELL YOU: if you're interested in a hallucenogenic expirience, on an empty stomach pop 4 cloves of garlic into your mouth, one at a time, and chew and spit. Almost immediately I felt like I had been drinking moonshine for about 6 hours. After the nausea wore off (maybe three minutes later), I really truely felt a drunk buzz for about 15 minutes. And my tongue felt like I burned it on a stove. I don't recommend trying it yourself, but I understand fulfilling any scientific urges you may have. I might do it again tonight, just to see.

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Tia said...


I make my own pasta sauce, and I suck a mincing. Honestly, though, they're small enough that I don't notice them, and they still make it taste good and garlicky.

As much as I love garlic, I don't think I could chew on a clove. You're a brave soul.