Here's a story that I rather think exemplifies my skill in "picking up chicks," as the kids say:

Last night in Shibuya (Tokyo's Times Square, let's say), a group of friends and I were sitting outside of an alcohol shop, drinking the same. (To UPG folk: it was the convenience store equivalent of Dogz Bottlez, but less selection and much cheaper.) A group of four Japanese came over and hung out in our general vicinity. The two men were dressed flamboyantly as Japanese are wont to do in Shibuya and Harajuku--the women were just hanging around, so Wayne (A FRIEND) and I started chatting with one of them. She was nice. After so long--and this is the punchline--the conversation came to its climax:

K__: I want to see you again.
J__: Oh, cool. [Then, thinking she must've rather said WON'T instead of WANT TO, I readjust.]
J__: Oh, wait, you said won't?
K__: [thinking I said WANT TO] Mm-hmm.
J__: Yeah. I guess that's true enough.
K__: 何?

At this point a very merciful friend shouts at me to stop being such a thick-skulled dolt and I trade numbers with K__. Thank God for him.


Thaine said...

No, she actually said "Wan-tu".

Tia said...

This post made me happy.