Moore on Newspeak

This is a warning label from the Black Dossier, from Moore and O'Neill's new book, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier. Apparently England is under a massive fascist dictatorship, a la 1984. I found this posted on some blog I neglected to remember the name of because this excerpt so excited me. But I remember the blogger said "If you didn't know it was possible to write a masterpiece in 150 words, now you know." I wholeheartedly agree.

Docs after in oldspeak. Untruth, make-ups only. Make-ups make THOUGHTCRIME. Careful. Supervisor rank or not read. This warn you. THOUGHTCRIME in docs after. SEXCRIME in docs after. Careful. If self excited, report. If other excited, report. Everything report. Withhold accurate report is INFOCRIME. This warn you. Are you authorised, if no stop read now! Make report! If fail make report, is INFOCRIME. Make report. If report made on failing to make report, this paradox. Paradox is LOGICRIME. Do not do anything. Do not fail to do anything. This warn you. Why you nervous? Was it you? We know.

Do not read next sentence. This sentence for official inspect only. Now look. Now don't. Now look. Now don't. Careful. Everything not banned compulsory. Everything not compulsory banned. Views expressed within not necessarily those of publisher, editors, writers, characters. You did it. We know. This warn you.


Thaine said...

That's pretty cool, but I think "sentence" should be "wordstring". I dunno what "paradox" and "compulsory" would be, but I doubt they would be in a newspeak dictionary.

thisischrisg said...

Dig the blog. Feel free to check mine out.


Just another cat from greensburg... Found you fooling around on our shop myspace...

I give it up to you on the Tom Waits and Nick Cave... They're my top 2 guys.