I downed a bottle of wine last night to wash away that gritty slobbish feeling you get after making a child cry. Unfortunately, it coincided with a text message reading "Can I see you again?" from that girl I had a date with a month ago, to which I replied in the negative with in hindsight a bit less tact than I would've liked to've included. Thus in the end the wine only served to depress.

Anyways, I have a new album up. http://picasaweb.google.com/dialektosi


Chris said...

so, you goto 日本 and you travel through the mountains... which i believed was something you really enjoy. You post up pictures, which occasionally show you in them. Now, with all the items in my list above, I would think you would smile at least in a pirate bar. Or at the very least show an emotion :D

Randomly... i figured out how to type in Japaneses in windows just as easily as i type in English so... that should be fun.


That's all the Japanese I'll ever know.

Jason said...

I've taken to showing no emotions in pictures lately. That's a good point, and you're right: I damn well should've arr'd in my pirate photo. Subtlety was never the strong point of swashbucklers.

And I haven't learned hiragana yet, much to my dismay. I'll read that next week and reply in kind.