welkin, due down

I called Carrie this morning and she said she was gonna do a masters or doctorate in literature instead of an MFA in writing and I said good on ya because it's my (certified) opinion that creative writing programs are sorely lacking in the area of artistic common sense, focusing on the ethereal feeling art gives you when, you know, I mean, you just know, man, you know? rather than a comprehensive view of narrative art across the media harnessed thus far by Homo S___s, the latter of which would have the immediate effect of producing many intelligent, working writers who understood the nuances of the craft from every angle instead of from a faraway, binocular vantage point instead of its current ejaculatory output a few prodigies yearly.

Ontheotherhand, lit programs at any level are flawed like San Andreas since with very little (any? anyone?) exception they read novels and poems while standing cold and forlorn on the outskirts of Le Kingdom Academia (Narrative Art Dept.) are all the comics, songs, spoken-word, screenplays, performance art, interpretive dance, blogs, and whathaveyou ever written.

I dunno. It seems to me if you're gonna study art, you can focus on whatever you please. But you've gotta know art before you can make such an assumption. Otherwise your understanding of the medium is lacking, right? And Einstein wouldn't stand for that.

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