I really think so.

Dragonball Z is forcing its way back into my life via the personage of Hironobu Kageyama. I hung out with no less than two people this weekend who knew him through a parent or another friend.


I hosted an amazing drinking party at an izukaya on Saturday night for Moriya's GEOS students. It was amazing and heartwarming and great and fun and funny and, ultimately, drunken. I had me a dehydration-headache th'morningafter, and lost a scarf my grandma knit for me. But, as things in Japan never tend to stay lost, I'm not terribly worried.

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tarepanda said...

It's "izakaya". The kanji are 居酒屋 and mean, literally, "being-liquor-place".

If you know the word "iru" or "imasu" for "[animate object] being", that 居 is the same one. So the word basically means a place with people and liquor. >.>