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There are exactly three things that can cheer one up after having of one's own volition forgotten one's worldly possessions on on a train: 1) said possessions being returned, 2) babes, and 3) a clever prank.

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In other news, I love StumbleUpon. I chanced on this site yesterday, which links to a bunch of way-awesome .edu sites, and ends with the following superhelpfulfun gem:
In addition to all these rich resources, you can mine the web for much, MUCH more simply by using this search string in Google: site:.edu "insert subject here".
Just tweak that as needed and you'll be able to find a ton more than I
could ever have time to write here. What's your favorite .edu resource?
Let's hear in the comments.

I immediately found a really long essay on Alan Moore, an abridged (down from 9000 pages) first draft of Finnegans Wake, and something cool Iain Sinclair wrote.

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Wallsaver's really great if you also have a legitimately cool Matrix screensaver.

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Will, I wonder, Serial Experiments Lain be as confusing after five years of college? Five episodes in--damn yes.

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