Everything's coming up Jason.

Japan has two Valentine's Dais. This one, and the aptly named White Day a month from now.
On V-Day, women reward men for being so awesome and manly by making or buying them chocolate. I got three boxes worth today, and one of them's the best I've ever tasted. Thanks to those wonderful women who'll never read this; you've gone and made my day.

I also had two very good conversations about my students' goals with English and how my teaching style is or isn't helping them to achieve them. I was surprised but pleased to hear that they'd rather cut down on the book if it was possible, which I told them, as paying customers, their wish was my command.

And I got a beanbag chair today and my spine's already singing the beatitudes to the tune of Ludvig von's 9th.

And I've got a wretched cough that makes me sound like the coolest 35 year old smoker alive. (That part's a plus.)

And, after defending it as a legitimate word yesterday, I find that concisity is in fact not an official word. But doomed is the man's quest who'll convince me otherwise: English absorbed all those pretty Latin suffixes to use them, not to brandish them on a few words and consign the rest of its potential to the closet. -ity forms nouns denoting quality or condition of, so concisity is the quality of being concise, which is damn well what I meant it to mean. So dat's dat, cat.

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