Perfect Blue

I just watched Perfect Blue because the guy that directed it also directed Paprika and holy crap I thought it might be about submarines but I was wrong. Kon's storytelling style is in the same vein as what I want to do with writing. He lets you establish certain assumptions about the world and then he deconstructs them, and then reconstructs and deconstructs them, and then does that again a few times. It's not like a Hollywood mystery, where maybe one or two twists happen right before the climax to solve the missing plot point; Kon tries (and I think succeeds at) twisting the story into a new shape entirely by the end of the movie. Restructures its DNA. It's so great and so crazy that I'm half inclined to call it greazy. All that, and it's salvagably confusing, by which I mean it ain't Lynchian.

My favorite part was the pizza delivery bit.

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Chris said...

If i remember correctly, the first time I watched that movie.. about an hour in and for the remainder of the movie.. I had no idea what was the reality.