Chalk this up to end-of-the-unproductive-weekend depression, but I just wanted to list all the things that don't suddenly jolt you into writing more, and writing better:

-a bag of potato chips
-a shower
-more tea
-a nap
-a box of chocolaty bready bars
-adjusting your beanbag seat
-checking your e-mail
-StumbleUpon Video
-considering the forthcoming work week
-any other form of direct or indirect sulking
-going to Tokyo because you feel obligated to someone you met once

Emily told me once that the more minutely you try to revise a story, the more difficult a task it becomes. I thought that was crazy until sometime last night, when all I'd been trying to do for two months was spit out a complete, crappy little draft of a story that as fully realized inside me head. But I've learned. While writing from scratch can be every and all manner of stupid and suck, revising is magical in how it makes you want to forget how to breathe while you sleep.

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