I updated my Picasa with a bunch of new stuff, and I updated the riverboat partymath and shin-matsudo miscellany albums, too. I have a fuckload of stuff to add yet, and I'll try to jump on that tomorrow.

Went to Kamakura yesterday, with Sane. I love Japan. We saw a big Buddha, which I found out sounds a lot like pig in Japanese (butta).

Pictures and stories to follow.


tarepanda said...

It's actually "daibutsu" for "big Buddha" and "buta" for "pig".

My kids went to Kamakura last week, heh. It's not too far from here.

Jason said...

My guess is Scott, because you're the preeminent studier of all things Japanese in my group o' friends. But I might be wrong. Who be ye?

Jason said...

Plus your one blog is about moral conundrums, and you say you teach kids. Scott does the latter and I heard you studied philosophy in college. So there.