Aokigahara: Fuji Jukai

I uploaded me Jukai pictures, and'll hopefully finish off the Golden Week roll before week's end. There are a bunch of pictures of the forest, and most of them not very special, but the places I went to over Golden Week weren't the kind of places one could easily capture in a 2-D photo, and with a non-professional camera at that. So in lieu of taking my time to show you the atmosphere, or the essence or whatever, I just took a fucking lot of pictures and hope that they'll begin to give you an inkling of what it was like there. Personally, I'm not convinced the atmosphere can truely be conveyed apart from going there yourself, and then only if you're disposed to somewhat of a poetic or superstitious mindset. Jukai was fucking angry, and it weren't from ghosts or demons or whatnot--'twere from the forest itself. And Sane and I were in the tourist part on well-worn paths most of the time. If we went past all that, I imagine some proper Old Forest shit would've gone down.

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