Beth Gibbons is the best female singer out there ten years ago, and Joanna Newsome the best female songwriter out there today. Tom Waits and Nick Cave are still holding it up for what I learned yesterday is sometimes referred to as the sterner sex.
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I've only read one so far, but I imagine every story written about the gay marriage ruling in California will read like a fairy tale, with the newly empowered citizenry in the underdog's corner and the conservative Christians in the place of the malevolent doomlord. So be it. According to my mostly philosophical knowledge of the US constitution, marriage is explicitly ensured between a man and a woman, but it doesn't explicitly bar folks of the same gender from marrying. There's also that spirited bit about America being a place for the pursuit of happiness.

The thing that gets me [spittoon], is the whole Christian right thing. Being a Christian, I'm well acquainted with the human tendency of picking and choosing the parts of the Bible you feel you should remember at any given time. But something like this itches me the wrong way. First off, fundamentalist Christians (which most of these advocates decidedly aren't, but at least they're convinced they are) should be concerned with love above everything else, and politics below everything else. But, in a switcheroo that Moore commented on in Lost Girls, stuff like the consistently misinterpreted second amendment became very important, and stopping the happy lives of gay families whose business is decidedly not your own. Secondly, this ruling doesn't change anything for the churches themselves. Gay couples will get married in court, like me old mum and da did, nary more than a week afore I was born. Separation of church and state's a good thing, as the Dark Ages taught us, but I get this impression during times like these that there are folks who want nothing but to go back to the way things were in the old country. So until this blows into a gory mess come autumn, I hope a million billion people's lives are improved via newly legalized matrimony. Sorry it took the Free World so long to pay attention to you.
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On Tuesday, I asked somebody if they'd heard about the news from China, about the earthquake and it's crazybig death toll. They said they didn't like the Chinese. At some point before or after we talked with great excitement about the earthquake that happened in Japan last week that didn't harm a soul.
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My kids spent 50 minutes not speaking English and instead drew pictures of poop on the board with my face on it. Guess who soon found out he had latent social insecurities left over from his own ninth-circle experience in elementary school?

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