Top o'th'World

Last Sunday I was invited to climb Mt. Tsukuba, the tallest mountain on the Kanto Plain, by two of my students. We three and one of my student's colleagues hiked from about halfway. Took about 90 minutes to get to the top. The summit was beautiful, not just because it was the top of a freakin' mountain where on a clear day you can see Mt. Fuji, but also because there weren't any fences on the summit. In this age of individually-wrapped toothpicks, it was nice to see a place that left some leeway for the mortal coil to unwind.

Anyways, here's a compilation of four videos my student took. The first one is a nice view of the surrounding countryside, the others are of the hang-gliders that were vulturing the area. You can hear me inarticulately talk about BASE jumping if you wait till the end.

PS - Can anyone else see the video? Because I can't.

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