Akiba stabbings

Mostly for my family, here's the news about the stabbing spree that went on in Akihabara on Sunday. I wasn't there, but I was an hour beforehand and, small world, so were two of my students, one a few minutes after I had left, the other at the time of the murders, though she was in the train station at the time.

Murder's a strange thing, psychologically and sociologically and almost all the other -logies, too. This is the third killpeople spree that I've heard about since I came ashore and it's disturbing in a way rampant gunmurder in Detroit isn't.

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tarepanda said...

This was around when Dan, Erie, and I were meeting in Ueno Park. I'd actually been thinking about going to Akiba to look for some laptop stuff beforehand... but I decided to opt for a slower train instead and skip it.