I'm turning Japanese, exhibit C:

On the phone with my brother just now, who works in a parking garage. I heard a customer come up and ask him about a car problem he was having.
Brother says, "It's probably your battery, I can come up and jump it when I have time."
Woman says, "Can you do it now?"
Brother says, "Nah, maybe in an hour or two. I'm on the phone with my brother right now."

It's cool for two reasons. One, because I forgot just how relaxed customer service situations can be in foreign countries, and Two, because my brother loves me. Aw.

--- -- --

I also watched 90 minutes of Spider-Man 3 the other day. It really is true that the more money you throw into a story, the worse it is. I mean, I'm half inclined to believe they spent the majority of the budget on ensuring each line of dialogue was as technically terrible as it could be before filming. I mean, got dahm.

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