John Updike

I read a random quote by him today,

The male sense of space must differ from that of the female, who has
such interesting, active, and significant inner space. The space that
interests men is outer. The fly ball high against the sky, the long
pass spiraling overhead, the jet fighter like a scarcely visible
pinpoint nozzle laying down its vapor trail at 40,000 feet, the gazelle
haunch flickering just beyond arrow-reach, the uncountable stars
sprinkled on their great black wheel, the horizon, the mountaintop, the
quasar—these bring portents with them and awaken a sense of relation
with the invisible, with the empty. The ideal male body is taut with
lines of potential force, a diagram extending outward; the ideal female
body curves around centers of repose.
  • “The Disposable Rocket,” Michigan Quarterly Review (Fall 1993)
that makes me want to read more of him, because damn that's some fine sentencing and poetry, regardless of truth.

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