My Colbert moment.

I called it!

In my last post, "politico," I wondered about the internal ideologies of democrats and republicans, suggesting that ultimately blue-minded people, in general, approached political problems more rationally than red-minded people, who were more passionate in their approach, nevermind the foundations of their passion. Not always true, mind you, but in general it seems to be that way for politically active people lately. Anyways, the post is right below this one on my blog.

Well, here's some loose evidence in support of my future honorary degree in poli-sci. Maddow reported on the data suggested by a wide variety of polls conducted by various news agencies across Medialand, especially Fox, CNN, and MSNBC. The data suggests that politically active Republicans' beliefs about recent heated issues are to a much larger degree compared to independents' and Democrats' based on false information. Issues like whether or not the new health care bill has secret provisions designed to weed out the old and infirm from the population.

Polls, I figure, provide a loose indication of demographic mindsets at best. And these polls seem to be exclusive to the major media outlets, of which I have none too much faith in the viewers, including myself. Also Maddow, to say nothing of myself, is as liberal as a harem of walruses. But convinced as I am of the rational base of her arguments, I'll post her report as evidence for my own. It's interesting, at any rate.

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