I shot the shit out of that volcano

is pretty much what the heck I did this weekend. It was called...something-yama, and it's an extinct volcano that I have a bunch of pictures of, all of which are too big to post here right now. Hopefully I'll get around to making that website soon.

Anywhat, quickly, for Loyal Reader #1, Thaine, my weekend:

I went to Ito, which is in, I think, Izu, near Shimoda. One of the cool teachers I met last week, Victor, lives in Ito, and invited me to a beach party he was hosting. It was right on the Pacific, which I had up until Sunday neither seen up close nor picked a fight with. Everything's changed now--and the ocean won, incidentally. But the burn one gets from superman-diving into 6+foot waves is most wonderful. And, thanks to a perfect cloud-cover, I've no burnage to show from the whole day.

Afterwards we went to onsen again, and it was again great. Ito is known for its onsen, so even our hotel had a high-quality, natural hotspring.

I met a lot of cool folk this weekend, too. I'll tell you about them...later. For now, I gotta get back to work. On Monday I walked the rim of a volcano and walked down into it and shot arrows into it, because I couldn't be bothered to hit the target.