Happiness is a Katikuri

My worst class of the week just cancelled. Three kids, all unrelated, all no-show. You don't truely know happiness until a cancerous 50-minute weekly chunk of utter misery is momentarily a thing of the past.

Speaking of which, none of my students have heard of Takashi Miike so far, and several of them are horror buffs. The only other person who has heard of him is my area leader, who is from the other island (i.e. England). What in sam hill's going on over here?


Anonymous said...

Has his Django Western come out? Has it been advertised, as I thought it was to be relesased about September 20th?

-This is John P., just did not feel like registering.

Jason said...

I haven't heard of it yet, nor seen any movie poster like that. But I'd damn love to. I'll check it out asap.

Thaine said...
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Thaine said...

Noticeable lack of updation. That is all.