Tom Waits v Nick Cave...IN MY MIND

Most of the time I listen to Nick Cave, because when I'm miserable he tells me life will never again be all right, and that that's okay; and when I'm feeling good he tells me I can kill people in brutal ways, or at least get a kick out of listening to it, and that that's okay too. When I listen to Nick Cave when I'm sad, I listen to him for hours. When I'm happy, I intersperse him with other music from other folk.

Sometimes I listen to Tom Waits. When I listen to Tom Waits, I listen to him for albums and albums and albums inna row, and I always feel groovy and good and like I should start smoking and/or see the world through a crazy man's eyes.

I think Tom Waits looks more mysterious and is a better storyteller than Nick Cave, but Nick Cave could raise armies of killers and heartbroken lovermans with his poetry, while Tom Waits could only rally drunks and Bukowski fans. I think if Tom Waits's and Nick Cave's voices crossed streams, all the atoms in our bodies would scatter in every direction at the speed of light. I think I don't know why I have to explain to people who these two guys are and don't have to explain who Bob Dylan is or Pink Floyd are, who are equally talented at best.

I wouldn't sleep with Tom Waits because he's married. I wouldn't sleep with Nick Cave because he'd split my skull in half with an ash tray big as a fucking really big brick.

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