I drank again last night. It was one of those nights where I remember the commencement and the next hour or two and suddenly I'm in my bed and have been for some several hours.

I think the problem is my lust for people. In small groups, I never drink myself stupid. One or two or three friends + alcohol makes for some great conversation. But when there's a party-sized crowd or a party-sized occasion (last night having both qualifiers), I'm increasingly almost certain to breach my limit. Last night, the Japanese in our group discovered that if you say "Drink" loud and repeatedly, maybe pounding the table in tandem, white people drink anything that's in front of them. I did once, to entertain; but I just so happened to drink a full glass of whiskey. The effect set in after about a minute and then I

woke up around 10 this morning, sans glasses, cell, laptop, wallet, and book. This happened two months ago in the States (the difference being that this time I woke up with my underwear on, and am blame-free for any 3rd-degree burns or deep gashes on my friends, so that's good), afterwhich I said something along the lines of "Never again."

Now that's an interesting thing. Ironic, even.

I found all my stuff--two of my neighbors apparently carried me home and supplied me with receptacles in which to deposit the hastily exiting agglomeration in my stomach. My cell was hiding on my bed, another neighbor saved my book, and my wallet, glasses, and laptop were piled against my door. So thank God.

And, until next time, never again.

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