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It's not The League, but it is a book I was a deal more excited about right before I came to Japan. The Blot, self-published by Tom Neely, is--well anyways, this is pretty comprehensive. Insofar as what I think about it, I'll have to report later. I read it self-consciously on the train (there's a lot of nudity in the book and the littlest of boys sitting next t'me was keen on checking out whatever I was reading), but a single reading isn't enough to grasp the subtleties of this story. It's one of those Kafkaesque stories (like I've read more than a single Kafka) that at the same time is representative of itself and some complex, contradictory metaphor. I'll be back sometime with a review.

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I need anyone who watches Heroes to know of a blaring inconsistancy in the plot. (There are a considerable number, it being a superhero drama, but I'll bind myself to one.) One of the characters, aptly named Hiro, is a Japanese otaku businessman completely obsessed with superhero comics.

This is incorrect. Nobody in Japan is obsessed with superhero comics. There are only two places in Japan to buy superhero comics, and they're already in trade paperback form, and nobody ever goes there but me, and neither of those places had volume 3 of the League today.

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I had the best glass of port last night, after I had already had a pretty good glass of port.

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In Japan if you want to eat cheap, you can just find the cheapest restaurant and order the cheapest thing. That sounds logical enough, but I wan't willing to do that in America, because sometimes I'd get bad food. Not so here.

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I saw my second dirty public restroom this weekend. It was awesome.

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Chris said...

I never really thought about Hiro liking superheroes in the show. I imagine saying he is a otaku for battle manga doesn't sound as great to an american viewer (if they even knew what the hell manga was to begin with) I don't know/remember what kind of world wide travel he may of had in his youth given that his father is such a bigshot... but the chances of him liking superheroes isn't zippo.