Alan Moorery

Jeff mentioned the other day that I was coming down from my Alan Moore kick. It may be true but, like any veritable addict, there are those times of resurgence.

Here's a link to a bunch of video interviews of Moore, mostly from the late 80s. My favorite bit so far is this campy setup where Alan Moore is interviewing Alan Moore in a theatre. Moore says he detects a bit of an ego problem in Moore's lexicon. He asks him if he has a Messiah complex, to which Moore replies, "Well would I have this haircut like this if I didn't?"

Here's a long interview with him in 1998 on magic and political philosophy and all sorts of intellectual things. I wish someone'd get ahold of him for this kinda stuff nowadays, instead of incessantly rediscussing Lost Girls and The Black Dossier. Moore's a smart guy, and a thorough speaker--if you ask him what his book's about once, there's really no need to again.

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