America to Draft Internet Spying Resolution

I don't have much time, but I just found this article on an alleged bill being drafted by National Intelligence Director Mike McConnell to monitor specific data transfers over the Internet. Data transfers include everything from Internet search criteria to phone conversations to e-mails. The fictologist in me can't take the idea of this actually coming to pass seriously, as at least three of the hundred most important books of the past century have all discussed how doomly the snowball is and how fucked the world becomes once a government extends itself so beligerantly into the privacy of its citizens. But still. Americans--politicians especially--have fallen for some pretty far-out shite in the past eight years. My only consolation is that this is an election year, and people, thuogh not necessarily more intelligent than normal, are more apt to shoot down ideas of change proposed by a failed administration so they can flout their own damn-fool plans.

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