portentiously harbingerific

1) Can you Westerers read when I type in Japanese syllburries (dammit my spellcheck doesn't know that word), like so? こんいちわ!僕輪ジャソンです。
Just checking. The typology came standard with my Mac; not sure if it do with other OSs.

2) I was told on good authority yesterday that I couldn't be friends with ex-girlfriends, because that's not the way it worked. Why? "I don't wanna talk about it anymore."

3) I just finished FLCL, a 6-episode anime that is, in my opinion, a postmodern retelling of Evangelion. It's amazingly well-done, though, in terms of animation, sound, and plot progression, which is so schizophrenic as to sometimes make you wonder if the writers had any clear idea what they were doing at all. Oh, but they did. And I'll spend the rest of my life trying to find a way to think my way into their creative process.

4) When I breathe out of my mouth I can see fog. In my apartment. I don't wanna.

V) Writing a mini-epic in iambic pentameter is perhaps the damnedest project I've ever undertaken. I hate it and I sound like Yoda and it'd be so much easier if I just threw it together without regards for such things. But, Jason, that's also be lazy, and you'd learn nothing. So shaddap.


Tia said...

Thaine gets his own tag, now, eh?

I watched FLCL a while back. I get it, but I didn't enjoy it. I typically love the, uh, meta-genres (as I will term them, because I don't know what it's classified under) in any art, but this seemed over the top. I think there's something wrong with me.

Jason said...

Eh, don't worry about it. Meta- isn't for everyone. Or maybe it is, but not every part is for every one. I happened to like it because I have an unhealthy addiction to things that are more confusing than they oughta be for the sake of being different--hence my love for Finnegans Wake--but even I have my limits. I have no patience for David Lynch films unless someone explains them to me first, for example.

tarepanda said...

Yeah, I can read it. A few tricks (which you should know if you haven't run across them already) can come in handy.

Namely, "nn" produces ん, so you have to type "konnnichiha" to produce 「こんにちは」.

Doubling other consonants, for example, "tto" will produce a small "tsu" (or pause) followed by that syllable. So "tto" results in 「っと」.

Typing a "l" or an "x" before "a", "i", "u", "e", "o", "tsu", "ya", "yu", or "yo" will result in a small version of that character. It's not really necessary for the last three since you can type the appropriate combinations in romaji and they will be output automatically. For example, typing "ryo" results in 「りょ」.

F7 changes the current unprocessed (underlined) selection into romaji.

Can you tell I'm reading your blog backwards?