retroactive immunity

Thaine just linked me to this video. It seems that Bush presented a bill to congress that would make life a little easier for detainees in the US's various strongholds around the globe. That's all well and good. But in the bill there's a clause that gives immunity to Bush and all members of his administration for any potential charges that could be brought up against them in the future regarding war crimes. According to the Geneva Convention, Bush and his administration have committed a number of war crimes. If congress passes the bill, all those guys get to live the rest of their lives in incredible guilt-free wealth, because they've secured immunity for themselves. So far the House has passed the bill, and the Senate is expected to soon.

I'm well pissed off. This is like the twist in a movie where all hope seems lost for the good guy, and the audience wants to see how he'll triumph in the end. But there aren't any good guys here, just the strong and the weak. Motherfucker.

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