Here's a loose sketch of what I'm up to over the next week in case two weeks from now I'm nowhere to be found. Starting on Monday, April 28.

1) Go to Kawaguchiko, and immediately to Lake Saiko. Camp out.
2) Spend the next day in Aokigahara Jukai, the forest where people always get lost or kill themselves.
3) (Probably) Leave Wednesday to Matsumoto. Depending on what time it is, I'll either look for a place to stay the night or head off to one of two places, listed next.
4) Magome/Tsumago, the Edo/Meiji Era post towns.
5) Kamikochi, the place where it's pretty and isolated.
6) Then I'll be off to Kamisuwa for the last day--this being probably Monday next week--to hike or bike around the lake, which I pledged to do last summer and then forgot about up till last week.
7) Then I'll take the cheapest (fffive hour) train home. Hopefully with a lot more determination in me stride than when I left. See you then, then. Happy Golden Week.

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