Internet > TV

For the last few years I've been on a little bit of an anti-TV kick on account of how much time is wasted on shows that for the most part aren't worth anybody's time. That, and I thought Alan Moore made a good point that film is more of a passive medium than print, since the former only requires that you sit back and enjoy the ride, while the latter requires you to actively read in order to glean meaning. I think Moore's too bitter towards TV on account of his experiences (I still enjoy movies and videos, at any rate), but I think he has a point. As for TV itself--it's an industry, and I don't trust the things, as a rule. The Internet's better for proliferation of art, since it's in the hands of the individual, for the most part.

Anyways, here's a video of a really intelligent guy talking about how societies cope with massive structural changes, and why and how TV was our way to cope for the last 50 years, and what'll happen now that we don't need a coping device anymore. Well worth watching if you've got 20 minutes.

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