and our kids shall be born in international waters

Have I mentioned the plot that's being hatched in Moriya to marry me off to the daughter of one of my students? Because I thought it was a cute joke at first, but I'm slowly coming to realize that it's perhaps not cute, and is perhaps rather serious. The woman lives in Paris now, but she's coming back in a few months. Her mum brought in photos of her for me the other day and I heard tell those selfsame photos came to me at the daughter's behest.

Now, Tokyo's rather like America insofar as the rapidly maturing marriage age is concerned, but Ibaraki's still fairly traditional with regards to that, and apparently she and I are both ripe for gettin hitched. And whenever I try to talk to my friends in this area about it, they--who're also from Ibaraki originally--kind of empathize for a bit, then say something along the lines of, "But hey, you might as well, you know; it's good for you and it's good for them, you know what I'm saying." And I do and that's scary.

Also I stumbled this video and like it for reasons utterly otaku. I think Thaine will enjoy it, and Takuro, too, if he's reading this. And no one else.


Chris said...

1. Congrats, I'll try to make the wedding.

2. I also enjoyed the video :p

Serge said...

I'd at least hold off until you meet the girl. It wouldn't hurt to have a tux ready, though.
Also, make sure 'mom and dad' realize that "No means No!"

fairweather26 said...

I hope that your family is invited to the wedding. Love ya.