Some things.

I ate yellow watermelon yesterday.

Pirates of the Caribbean 3 isn't as bad as I thought everyone was saying it was. Spider-Man 3 remains worse.

My kitchen sink smells like yogurt and I've not had yogurt in or near my kitchen in long months.

This is a 20-part video crash course of the economic structure and history of the United States that suggest some disturbing futures for the First World. It's hellfire and brimstone, but should you be the level-headed type to veer away from such darkness and doomtalks, it's worth watching the first twelve parts to get a basic understanding of how the economy works.

I met my apparent wife-to-be today. We ate sushi and drank coffee and her mother, who was with us, asked me (in front of Daughter) what I thought of her at the end of our luncheon. So that was a little awkward, but everything else was fine.

I started my passport-renewal process on Tuesday morning. I gave them the papers I had, and they shuffled through them and gave me the OK; stamped my passport and sent me on my way. An hour or so later I found a stamp that I needed to give them hiding in my pocket. I'm not sure why they need it, but I'm pretty sure they do, because the stamp was $40, and you don't charge $40 for a stamp unless it's damn important. I'm also pretty sure I put the stamp back in my pocket, and put that pocket and the shirt it was sewn to in the washing machine later that night. But I digress. Basically I'm hoping not to get deported because of a stampy oversight.

I move to my new apartment on September 7th. I'm not sure if it's got the Internet yet. The landlord told me it did but I'm not sure if he meant the service was available for setup or if it was already active for some reason. Anyways, if I pop offline for any extended . of time for no particular reason, it was that. This was my 200th post, thanks goodnight.

LATER: I also want to add this because it's one of the perfectest comics ever drawn.

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