I made this after watching an anthropological video about the growth of YouTube and a subsequent feeling of lonliness. The first part's random, the second's about my roommate, and the third's about teaching methodology that's filled with logical and logistical and observation errors, but I threw it all out there to have people help learn me. Be liberal with your advice.

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Thaine said...

i figured out the secret to success, and its up to you to figure out how to apply it to your teaching. it goes like this:

make people want something.
then, give them what they want.

you could tell Nipponese dudes and dudettes about words we have in english that they dont have in japan. like "aloof" or "treehugger" or something like that. then, build your teaching schedule around what they get excited about. MARKET IT. THEN SELL IT. DO NOT try to sell it without the marketing though, because that is the road that leads to DOOM.