Beautiful Things

This week, if you should see, speak to, hear of, or otherwise directly or indirectly interact with me, you might notice I'm 1) fatigued or 2) energetic to the point of annoyance. This week our school's got only one teacher, me, and resultantly I offered to teach all the school's classes, so as not to have to cancel the other teacher's classes for a second time. It's something I volunteered for, and I likes me some teaching, so I'm rather looking forward to it. But a monkey's uncle I'll be if I pull through without any temporarily apparent mental side-effects.

Also, this is beautiful. It's a compilation video of the sky all moving and stuff, which you've seen before, but this one does it rather well.

Also, I was invited to a fashion show yesterday. The forthcoming Spring 2009 collection of a certain Ritsuko Shira...hama? Perhaps. It doesn't matter. It went about how I expected. The models looked about how I expected, but they walked a little more nervously than I expected, at least at first. I can't imagine under which circumstances the designer expects her clothing to be worn. The pink-purple bubbly-billowy regal robe-thing was cool to look at, but I'm fairly sure it was made of plastic the texture of garbage bags, so it's not terribly practical, whatever your threshold of eccentricity. Some of the other stuff I can imagine seeing out-of-doors, if only in the parts of the city that I feel dangerously lower class, or at the Emmy's. I took a video at the end as they were filing out. The models are the ones drowned in light that you can't quite detail:

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Serge said...

I am leaving for work so I didn't have time to check the video of the fashion, but I wanted to cheer you on for volunteering to pick up those classes. Very brave of you and I wish you the best of luck with them.