New pictures (of old)!

I finally uploaded my Kamikochi photos after, what, almost six months. I'm planning on going again right before it closes for the winter in a few weeks, so I figured I might get the first roll off my chest before I've got another one gathering dust.

Speaking of dust, I've had a sore throat since I can't remember when, and I'm sure it has to do with the dusty air in my apartment that no amount of cleaning or ventilation seems to fix. I have a bad feeling it has to do with that poem I wrote ("Dust") for the first quarter of this year. Goes to show the power of words, I suppose.

A lot of stuff has been happening lately, mostly good, some interesting. I'll update when I can. Till then, here's a random video I took over the weekend when Sane and Ino and a few friends of theirs went, with me, to Mt. Tsukuba. As a prelude, it should be known that Sane prefers learning casual English, and a few months ago I bought him a book of very casual terms.