quick paranoid observation

Been reading the news. McCain's been losing ground in a big way these last few weeks, and his campaign seems to've turned to a sort of last resort with their character-smearing strategy against Obama. That's understandable, but I'm really worried that they've gone too far in kindling ultraconservatives' paranoia bone. The other day, McCain was booed by his own supporters by suggesting that Obama wasn't somebody you needed to be afriad of, and he had to take the mic from a woman who lambasted Obama as an Arab. It's a disturbing series of examples that suggest to this guy that McCain and Palin and their campaign team have lit a fire that they can't control, and some crazy sumbich's gonna take the unintended message too far and try to assassinate Obama. I damn well hope not, but I've got a bad feeling about this.


Chris said...

To add, that woman who said he was an Arab wasn't convinced by McCain. A followup interview with the lady.

Chris said...

In link form hopefully