I could slit my throat with a book on Nagano

The title being a modified version of my favorite quote of the weekend. And here are some videos for you from my umpteenth weekend there. On the one hand, I have both good friends and good reasons for staying in Moriya, but damn do I want to live in this city. And it's so so easy. At least hypothetically.

Pictures'll be up on my Picasa in a few days. They. Are. Fabulous.

Aaaaand, while I'm waiting for this video to finish uploading, I'll ramble on more about the weekend. It was one of those 3-dayers that felt like ten times that, which was nice. I remember someone telling me it was 7:00 at one point and feeling like Swartzenegger in Total Recall when he Recalled.

I was walking up the mountain near Tina's apartment and hearing what sounded like gunshots, but which didn't have the forever-echoing property you'd expect in mountains. At some point I was walking down this deep-rutted dirt road alongside an apple orchard when I saw one go off--it was a kind of long post with a noisemaker at the top that sounded sometimes like a pistol and sometimes like a slug to a punchingbag. Like the Test-o-Strength bell-ringer thing you find at carnivals, but this was to scare away birds what'd munch away apples. Scared me away, at any rate.

Op, video's uploaded. 1 of 3.

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