I could slit my throat with a book on Nagano, v2

Other video, this one of us screaming after we discovered beautifulawesomenature. The plan for the day was to do something or other. Being unable to decide on a destination per se, we just took to the road. It was the best of choices because we ended up winding up the mountains on the other side of the valley where I'd never been before, and winding up them forever and ever. If you'll notice, I'm looking down on clouds over yonder. Maybe for all you high-fallootin' Coloradites that's none too big a thing, but ol' Jason D's from Pennsylvania, and though our hills shine in the autumn, they roll sleepy and not much else year-round. But these mountains? They scream. Watch and see.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and when I say "Aunt" in the video, of course I meant aunts. And uncles. And gram. Sorry about all that; I misspoke.

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