I could..., v3.

Last video, and a story.

Met a guy name of Daiki over the weekend. Dai-chan for short, kinda. He's the rare kind of guy that exudes cool while not being an asshole, and not even trying not to be one. He took us to an izukaya (Japanese bar) in his hometown, next to Nagano. He ordered us the house specialties, which were mostly pork from areas you increasingly shy away from on pigs. In my opinion the heart beat the tongue, the tongue beat the liver, the liver beat the intestinal lining, and the intestinal lining beat the vulva. I didn't get to have any scalp. The c___, so-called ふくろ (fukuro), has the same name as a town up the road from Moriya. There's a nice waterfall there I'll be visiting on Sunday. It was springy in the mouth. The tongue, too.

Dai also kanjified my name. Your average Japanese'll have two kanji for his family name and two two for his given name. I usually write my name in katakana--ジェイソン--but the symbols are just sounds like our ABCs. Kanji's got both sound and meaning. Jason's a fairly unusual combination of sounds in Japanese, so Dai-chan had to stretch his imagination a bit before he cracked my code. Eventually he matched up all my syllables to kanji and--

--eventually I did too. (Most kanji have a few pronunciations/spellings and I couldn't nail the ones the computer had programmed for the last two for like a billion years.) Anyways, I've got five kanji for Jason. Countem. 侍衣移疏尊 means, in the order of appearance, "samurai-clothes-movement-spiritual-preciousness" or, if I'm at liberty to rock my name, "flow of the pious warrior's garments". It's a bit unwieldy, but I bet I could make a badass acrostic tanka out of it. I didn't worry about doing Downey, because I'd already won.

Here's a video of me in a car with people.

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