I have a new blog layout. I like it. Mr. C--- Winsor helped me with the code, esp. cncrn. the dropdown links.

Well, home's nice. And my family's nice and my friends are nice and access to comic shops is quite very nice indeed. Running around wasn't so nice, and I feel bad for yesterday night when I apparently hit my run-around limit and was a crab to Steph and Jeff, but we managed to have a good time despite me. I've been having an awesome time and haven't managed to waste a day yet, despite the jet-lag lingering for the better part of a week.

Now about that job-o-mine. A few updates:
At Narita (Tokyo's airport) I got a call from my new company. They said they had no placement for me, and best of luck. So I e-mailed my old company, saying I was begging for my job back as of now. Two days later, I get an e-mail from my new company, saying someone's cancelled their contract, and would I like to teach in Moriya. I sent an e-mail to my old company, very humbly and embarassingly explaining the situation, apologizing, and withdrawing my alms-begging. A day after that, my old company tells me they can't place me in Moriya, and a few days after that, that they can place me in a nearby town, prompting me to humbly and embarassingly explain the situation again because my first e-mail apparently didn't go through. So in the end it worked out for me, but I'm rather worse for wear with the added stress of having jerked my old bosses around--good folks who as it is have it harder than I'd like to imagine.

That's all I've got the energy to type for now. I've been reading comics like it was nobody's business but my own. And I spent 50¢ on two countem two workshirts today at Goodwill. And I still have no idea what I can get my former students as an I'm Back, He Said souvenir. Any suggestions are welcome, esp. via e-mail.

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