There was

a Thaine I was supposed to see on Friday, but apparently he had to move to D.C. in a hurry, things being what they are stateside, so I won't be. I'm not convinced it's not a joke, but because it's probably not I'm letting myself grieve. Thaine: dammit. But I understand; folks gotta do what they gotta do. Send me an email.

In other news, I've been getting job offers even this late in the game after being alerted last week that I oughta move a few hours away if I'm looking to be employed come April. Which in turn prompted the rather panicked post last week and a hearty thank-you to those who had reassurances for me. So that's good anyways, about the job offers. I just hope the companies are open to doing intercontinental video interviews over the next fortnight.

Oh my do I love extortionate locutions.

Well anyways. I put up pictures of my GEOS sayonara party over at my picturesite. Hopefully that will remain my Sayonara Party and not just Some Party Jason Had Where Everyone Bought Him Beer, He Took a Two-Week Vacation, Then Begged for His Job Back When the Other One Fell Through. We'll see!

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Kori said...

well, if it is that type of party just know it happens to the best of us. er, at least it kinda happened to me. the 2nd time I quit and went to work at an international pre-school and came back 2 weeks later...

just remember, has the abuse been worth the flowers and chocolates they promise?

took me three tries...but if it was easy, it wouldn't be an adventure would it?

hold on to your ass and LEAP