It's curtains for you, Charlie Brown

The problem with being so interested in sociology and the wide sweeps of history is that when you encounter a crisis of your own, any emotional explosions you experience tend to feel whiny and useless. Yesterday my new company told me I'd have to move to another prefecture, effectively closing the book on my life in Japan and cracking open a new one, most unwelcomely. I don't know whether to fight it or go with it. On the one hand, to say I don't feel like moving is to insult with understatement, and on the other, 2009 is no year to be gambling with employment opportunities. I've never been so confused in my entire life, and I'm fairly well sure nobody could give a damn if they tried.

Well anyways. I'm in a world of trouble and have nobody to turn to. Good night.


Kori said...

that's crap, dude. you could go with it, see if it's as bad as you fear, in which case start another job search. regardless, it's still crap.


Jason said...

Thanks a lot, Kori. I was way panicked when I wrote this on Tuesday, but I'm calmer now ^_^ Apparently there's a school for me in the area, but Interac hasn't finished negotiations with it yet, so my placement in it can't be finalized yet. But there's a chance, they said, that by the end of the month I'll be placed. It's risky, but that's life. I'll update you in a few weeks!

Paul said...

Hey, man... I sent you an e-mail to see what's up, then I remembered you had a blog.

I'm not really sure what your options are if you don't agree to the move, but if your only other option is to return stateside, then that's more of a personal decision.

If you've made a buttload of buddies where you're at, then things may not be that bad. High-speed rail in Japan (roughly the size of California) is supposedly very good, so you could return for visits and whatnot fairly easily, I'd imagine.

Hope all is well, friend!